Monday, June 25, 2007

Junior High Great Adventure Week

my assignment for this week is in Junior High great Adventure. we will be sleeping and living out in a tent camp site, cooking all our meals and walking everywhere we go. we will be doing more climbing wall, high ropes, rafting mountain biking,and orierentering. i cant spell that. its going to be a blast. i have four boy, and already know one of them well. he is the 13 year old bassist in the praise team. anyways, thats about to start. it should be a good week. thank you everyone for your prayers. oh- ps- mom and dad, my dreadlocks were very helpful in bridging a gap between myself and my african american campers last week. the Lord used my hair... man looks on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart. also, dad, i preached alot last week. im a little bashful to say it, because my father is a 4th generation preacher, so im sure the 5th will land on me or my brother. ok. bye.


Mary Ann said...

wish I could offer something other than words.

text me and let me know what time saturday.

Dan said...

We hope your week will be a little more upbeat than last week. We will continue to pray for the needy young man from last week. Tigerlily