Sunday, June 17, 2007

i put this off, but now im out of time

this last week is hard to describe. four boys: nick, jake, cole, thad. morning meetings: the six "no one" statements of Jesus in the book of John. evening meetings: five points of calvanism. thats alot for 8 - 11 year olds. a whole lot. it was a difficult week because of just endurance issues. up at 7, to bed at 11 or so. one of the most difficult things was that i never really saw any fruit from the boys. they didnt ask questions. i never saw them really getting it. the last night was good because during our devotions the spirit of the Lord came over me and guided me thoughts and words as i was reading from hebrews 11 and 12. (read it. it will blow you away) they got it a little bit then, but its not my job to conver these boys. thats ultimately out of my hands. all i can do is help plant the seeds; thats what the Lord has called me to right now. anyway, i need to go take a nap. please keep praying for me. i need it very much. the Lord is doing great things in my life here. i pray for all of you as often as i think of you, which is alot. pictures will be posted later. okbye.



sienna said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog... i checked out the music right away and definitely wished I could hear more then 30 seconds. it was good. your honesty in this post is refreshing. a week is a short time.. you have a challenging job. but i think you're going to do really well because you care about people. it shows in these entries.

off to read hebrews 11 and 12---

scotch said...

only 30 seconds? what the heck??? i can listen to all of the songs. maybe one needs to be a user. oh well. thanks, sienner.

kyrieanna said...

thad. nice name.

thanks for you post! do you usually have the kids for just a week?

scotch said...

yep. one week at a time. monday afternoon to saturday afternoon. my kids this week are in junio high, which means that they come with other annoying things, but good things too. i dont have to talk down as much. thad. as in, thadius... or however you spell it. he was a bright kid. mikey took a really cool picture of him floating a ping pong ball with a straw. its a great pic. ok. bye.