Monday, June 18, 2007

some pictures from last week

here are some pictures from last week. my team was the leviathans. i made up a pretty sweet cheer that caught on really quickly. the other counselors were jealous. the bag on my head is because of the mud pit. somethings dont come out of dreads.

me and my boys doing the leviathan chomp, dan goble (the roomie) and me getting cole in flour tag.

i lost at jenga roulette, so my boys got to pie me. the last one is jake going "around town" with the pie: full face, top of the head, ears, neck... everywhere. i was smelling sour milk for days afterwards.

the new week starts in mere hours. more kids, more music, more games, more pies.
till next weekend- i love you all.


Anonymous said...

pie all over that sweet bandanna- that's a shame. ;)
LOVING the pictures!! Thanks for letting us see a bit of camp life!
And I just have to say, poor Cole. He looks utterly defeated in that picture. Take it easy on your kids, huh?

sienna said...

oh my heck! you got to go in a mud pit??!?! totally not fair... these pictures are really awsome scott and i don't normally use that word.. i think it's overated... but these shots deserve it!

Dan Pick (a.k.a. Danny Fresh) said...

way to be, scott. way to be. you are quite a counselor, it is obvious. (no joke)

mynameis bethany said...

yeah photos.
these make me happy, its good to see your face, and the kids you are working with!

Dan said...

We really miss your blog updates and so does Domekia!! 7-22-07 SLS