Monday, December 10, 2007

end of an era

two fridays ago i had exactly a week to get done an ammount of work which i could fill a month completing. i started working in the lab at chatt state and found that all the labs were locked for the weeked at 6. fantastic. my computer cant do these projenks start to finish, so i needed another. where do it turn? i went to covenant. on covenants campus are two MACs- both down in that infamous yearbook room that the wallballers camped out in for a month at the end of last semester. so, i loaded up the truck and i moved to ... er... the cave. ive been here for 9 days now. i got all the work done that was due on thursday and friday and now im finishing up the very last of it for monday night. the supreme irony of this whole situation is that i left the rolling grassy knolls of covenant college for the shabby community school just because i wanted to study design. so, here i am at the end of the semester needing to have access to the great facilities (seriously, they are really good) with which chatt state dragged me off the mountain, and they are quite literally under lock and key.

nine days of hard work and living off of ramen and food smuggled out of the great hall come to an end tomorrow afternoon. its been a blast. its been stressful beyond belief. but, its been good.

back to the real world...