Monday, March 17, 2008


in class a few weeks ago we got the assignment to make our own personal logo. i went through a few drafts and finally settled on kind of an old school crest design. i went through a few dozen more drafts, and finally settled on this:

the significance of the steer on the left is quite evident. the wings, however, are there for kind of a humorous touch. the elephant is not me declaring political affiliations, but rather just a nice shape to counter the winged steer. and no, i dont like crimson tide. i guess i could stretch it to elephants being my favorite animals when i was a kid (at least, im told so. apparently i was obsessed with "Dumbo"). also, my dad was in Africa at the time, so it was sort of on my mind. all the type is custom done, and all of it was reproduced in Adobe Illustrator. Extra points to whoever can translate the text in the ribbon.

well, im finally home after a long day and stonewall has been cooped up here for 12 hours. its time to play.
more later...