Friday, February 15, 2008


so on december 21st, i went over to the Bolinger family abode and discovered that the three dogs i was to sit had multiplied to seven. Briley, that golden harlot of a canine, had puppies. they were real cute, and hours after their entrance into this world, i had singled out mine - the only boy in the litter. i named him Stonewall. he moved in with me last night here in the tree house on hurricane ridge. he lives in my bathroom and right now we're working on potty training. he's getting there... slowly. heres Stonewall at a week old (his eyes still had not opened) and one taken this afternoon.he is mine, and i love him.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

here comes the twister

on tuesday night, Union University campus was ravaged by a tornado. about 80% of their residential buildings are beyond repair. Kinsey and Taylor Brooke Bolinger are ok, but their stuff is still MIA... if there is anything left in their rooms then they cant get to it. the national guard and FEMA has the campus on lockdown. there is a website, that has updates on the situation. its pretty serious. the girls are most likely going to have to start over again from scratch. everything they had was in those rooms. Thank God they are alive, though. if you would like to help the students at UU, then there is a post on th previously mentioned website that explains how. if you would like to give to the Bolingers directly, contact me and i can set that up. This is my family. they are in a time of serious need. if nothing else, you can send them a note or a letter tell them that you are keeping them in your prayers.