Thursday, April 10, 2008


March 26nd i asked Kinsey Nicole Bolinger to marry me. she said yes. it was a huge milestone in an already established relationship - we have been dating for close to 4 1/2 years now. i dont really feel cheezy enough to post all the details of the actual asking, but heres a little bit:
after a really fun and memorable date, i took her up on Lookout Mtn to a spot which overlooks Lookout Valley where we used to go watch the city lights when we were early dating. its the site of our first kiss, over four years ago. We watched the sunset and talked for a while and it was very normal and casual. then i got her to her feet (she still had no idea) and got down on one knee (its starts hitting her now) and i go into this speech... well, it wasnt really a speech. nevermind. anyways, i ask her (and she instantly gets acid reflux) and she says yes and i put the ring on her finger and we're happy. we go back to her parents place to show them and she walks through the door and a group of her best friends are there and i have a lot of friends there and our families were there and just a whole gathering of people important and dear to us. it was wonderful. these are some pictures from the party.

we're very happy. December 20th is what we're planning on for the date. Place: Covenant Pres here in Chattanooga. savethedates will be sent out early summer to those lucky few. haha. no really, if you're one of the 3.5 people who reads this blog, you're getting one.

im getting married. get pumped up.