Monday, July 2, 2007

junior great adventure week

so this week i am a counselor in the first every junior great adventure. we will be tibing down the french broad, doing a little survival skills, and some other mild "adventurous" things. there is only so much you can do with kids this age. last week was good. the Lord blessed me with four boys who were believers. one of them was the son of John Linville, the man i lead worship with every day. JT is his name. he plays bass in the priase team, and it was a blast to have him for a week in my tent. i got very wet and very tired. GAW's are very different for regular camp. we walked miles and miles every day just to get to meals or meetings. it is a completely different pace, and i am still trying to put my finger on exactly how i feel about it. anyway, the Lord was good last week in revealing Himself to me in various ways, through His word and also through His creation. i am the leader of Cabin Black Crow this week, and i am very excited. i was a little bummed that i didnt get a senior high this week, but i trust that this is where the Lord wants me. more later.

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