Monday, May 14, 2007


so dad and i went to the DMS today to get new licenses. i am now a registered Tennessee resident. this is only the third state i have lived in, despite the fact that i went to school in TN from 7th to 12th grade. i was born in New York in 1987, moved to Georgia and lived there from 1990 till just a few days ago. this may not seem that big of a deal, and it probably isnt, but i think its kind of cool. i wanted to scan a copy of my old license from GA that i got when i was 15 and then the new one i got today, but they took my old one. and, i dont even have a scanner or camera to speak of, so scratch that. anyways, thats where i spent most of my day. cheers.


mynameis bethany said...

i like the last post but i guess you cant comment on i wont.
i checked out that band coolness.
you have to come over soon.
wait when do you leave for ridge haven...darn have you already left, if so good luck and have fun.

kyrieanna said...

i told them i lost my old drivers liscense so i could keep it..put it in my scrapbook instead.

aaannd i like your new layout.

it's hip.
and cool.

Tobi said...

It's official now? Wow, a bona-fide tennessean. Congrats! ;)

So, which state has better license plates??

Michael Kendall said...

dude, bring your birthday suit to camp. its my favorite.

oh and bionk.