Tuesday, May 8, 2007


sunday night two of my good friends, jeremy fox and danielle forman got hitched. it went down at RCF, my church in rising fawn, GA. the service was short and simple, with some string players in the corner doing hymns as the groomsmen and the maids of honor came down the row. the girls didnt have matching dresses, they each had different solid colored sun dresses... or something. i dont concern myself with these things. the guys all had different brown sports coats. foxy was in a suit wearing this striped 70's polyester tie (i think its the only tie he owns... i dig his style). dani looked really pretty in a long white dress. pastor erik likened marriage to grad school in his homily (both foxy and dani had graduated the day before).

from left to right: Drew Belz and Will Kendall in matching seersuckers, them again with foxy and his classy tie, dani checking the train, and JM Forman (brother of bride and groomsman)

After the wedding we all headed over to the lookout lake bed and breakfast for sticky fingers and killians and dancing and just goofing off. it was fantastic. we all had a great time.Justin Borger and Charlotte Okie

Kati Stegall and Liz Tubergen
Ben Bruhn, Dani Fox, Jeremy Fox
dancing peoples
foxy.cooper and vroeg, my old roommates
natalie and b-gill, who was enjoying a Hefeweizen 5 days early.


sienna said...

oh my ga--- drew and mikey in seersucker... i don't think it gets more presh than that!

sienna said...

oh..i just realized it's will, not mikey... still presh.

mynameis bethany said...

nice layout!