Tuesday, May 22, 2007


dad and i drove from chatt to brevard, NC yesterday, and got to Ridge Haven around 4. i met pastor curt, the director, and some of the other counselors, and got my stuff moved into the counselor dorms. my roommate, dan, is from NC State. he got a speeding ticket on his way here. he was pretty torn up about it. at 6 all the counselors met upstairs above the dining hall. we did a little brief introduction thing, and heard some from the director and the assistant directors. we had dinner and met the board. mikey and trey eventually showed up. after dinner we went over to robeson and did some team building exercises and then watched the season finale of 24. it was good times. we went back to the res halls and some guys sat around and we played music. i read a little and then went to bed...
morning meeting was at 7 this morning. curt gave his testimony. pastor curt has had an interesting life. alot of his connections are people i am connected to as well... like my sisters roommates father, and my parents pastor. anyway, after breakfast, we went back upstairs and met for a while. JD spoke and gave the intro presentation to the talks he is going to give to the campers this summer. we also took a tour of RH. after lunch we went to the climbing wall and high ropes course. we took our time there, learning the courses and belaying and coaching and things. we spent all afternoon there, and then went to dinner very tired. there was a group of kids at the low ropes course while we were on the high, and i found out later tonight that they are from Harvester Christian Academy, a school i attended from pre-K through 5th grade. my father was the headmaster of that school for 7 years or so. we are running the high ropes course for them tomorrow, so ill try and talk to some of the adults that came with them. anyway, after dinner we got our shirts for the summer, and all headed out to this spot on one of the peaks here in the blue ridge mountains called devils courthouse. we watched what was left of the sunset. mikey and i took alot of pictures. he doesnt want me to have any. so, go look at his blog for pictures. punk.
family, friends, and other supporters: i am well. im tired, but well. one of the things i need these two weeks and for sure the rest of the summer is that the Lord will give me strength. i need physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. im so sore right now. ill be posting more later this week. look at mikey's blog for pictures.


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