Saturday, May 5, 2007

so i have had a fairly busy last few days, which came at the end of a fairly busy last few weeks. i have finished my second year at Covenant College. it was a hard semester- emotionally, spiritually, and personally. but, at the same time, the Lord has provided for me the kinds of friends i have needed and been longing for for more years than i care to remember: the wallballers. these kids are the proverbial shiz. they rock some socks. so, here is what happened at the end of exam week and in my final days at covcol this semester:

last night was the senior dinner and commencement concert at the convention center / the tivoli. i performed in the chamber singers and in the jazz band out in the lobby after the rest of the high brow stuff was finished. here are some pictures. we rocked.

then, after that, the last of the wallballers went to be-ah's new place over on vine and hung out and played squabble. it was so strange. i was still on this high from the jazz in the lobby and i was absolutely digging just everything- the wood shingling, a spiderweb in the corner, eccentric neighbors, the drizzling rain on the street signs- i was just so into and pumped about everything and nothing. i felt like Dean Moriarty from Kerouac's On The Road. it was fantastic. Dan and Mikey had to leave to get some rest because Mikey was headed back to SC in the morning. (ill see him in two weeks at the start of training for Ridge Haven) and so me, beeaww, dubes, heidi, drew, and cate laid out the squares and had squobble time. seriously, the best game to play. the next morning was gradgeeation. here- ill prove it:
this one is of three of the four guys in the old five man. we are the ones who lived in and cared for the hub of second south: 205. this is me, patrick hall, and chellybelly. not pictured is brian oakes.

this is my sister walking across the stage to get her BA in English. we are all so proud of her. now my family is wondering if i am ever going to finish school. i think ill keep them hanging for a while longer.

so, after graduation came the mingling and then the meal. my family (mom, dad, dan, krista, anna, me, grandpa jack, grandma ruth, and ruths friend florence) went to olive garden and pigged out.

this is my family, and i like them a lot. after food we went back to mom and dads house for coffee and we sat around and talked and sang. and slipped into a coma because stomachs werent meant to hold so much.

anyways, after all that i moved into mom and dads new house in hurricane creek and started this blog, which i have been working on for some time now. i have to go to church in the morning. goodnight everyone.


sienna said...

oh my ga... i had no idea anna was your sister! wierd! I can't believe I'm just figurin' this out.

kyr and i are puttin' little somethinsomethins together for you and mik-eh at camp :) be excited.

kyrieanna said...

hey i've got a grandma ruth too..

maybe it's the same one.
maybe we're cousins!

hey, anything is possible at covenant.

mynameisbethany said...

cool blog.
you have joined our ranks.

Tobi said...

proverbial shiz... I love your way with words, Scott. And I agree. You all mean so much to me.
Glad you rocked in the lobby! Wish I could've heard and seen the goodness I'm sure it was.
Also, how are you adjusting to living at home?

Michael Kendall said...

not much longer..