Sunday, July 8, 2007

black crows

40 junior kids + tubes + the french broad = 3 hr nap in the water

last week was the first ever Junior Great Adventure Week. my cabin was the black crows. we kicked butt. it was good, but very tiring. actually, nothing too significant happened... which was a little disconcerting. i fear that i have started relying on my own strength to make it through the week- kind of going through the motions. please pray that i would not become comfortable in my position here. i was under wes and hope parsons, and they are just great. it was a real pleasure to work with them. i got slimed, tossed in the pool, but avoided the pie. that last time i got pied i was wearing this sweet bandanna tobi sent me, and four weeks later, it still smells like sour milk. bummer. my boys were very hyper and it was difficult to get through to them. but, we had a lot of fun and we tried to learn about Jesus. i tried to teach them. despite my inadequesies (ie not being able to use the english language properly) the Lord got the gospel through to them. MTW has a retreat here this week and thats what ill be doing- helping out with that. i get a break from cabin life for a week... just in time too. i am getting weary. i appreciate the packages and letters from you all- kinsey, kyrie, sienner, maryann, tobi, mom and dad, krista and anna... its great. i really love getting mail. thank you all. ok. picture time.

building shelters with the boys. this one was alot bigger than what you see here- it would have fit all seven of us... and it had some serious blackberry patches right next door. location location location.

left to right: jake, wes, and lupton competing to break the camp record of 27 french toast sticks. lupton got 30.5 ... intense!

matt and ashton, two serious troublemakers

andrew lupton masquerading as an old man on July 4th. priceless.

more mudpit action. note the bag on the head. its essential.

breaking down camp out at the wilderness site. by the way, thats the pack i found at looking glass outfitters used for $60. retail, it is about $200. its an osprey pack. i like.

oh- ps- brooks and reeva got married. it was fantastic. yes, maryann, fantastic. me, dan sause, kieth, davis the carney, anna, and huh-lexis went to virginia to attend. crazy state. careful- speed limit enforced by aircraft.


Dan said...

Makes me want to go camping! It's good to see that all those treks to Red Top Mtn. have continued to bear fruit. Glad you get a break.

- @ the Tree House on Hurricane Ridge

Mary Ann said...

:( I can't see the pictures. Though I'm sure the bag on your head is as fantastic as ever...yes, scott, fantastic.

haha, you can use that word as much as your heart desires. No need to defend it from me...

Good to hear from you the other day. Hope you have a restful week.

scotch said...

pictures decided to be retarded. ill fix it later. i have to go watch starwars