Monday, May 5, 2008

starting summer

here i am four days into my summer break. i finished up in the graphic design dept at chatt state last week and spent the weekend enjoying free time and the weather and friends. we kicked it off with a pier jump. good start to the summer. its funny - every summer, despite it being something i look forward to all spring semester, seems to sneak up on me. i guess its more the summer vibe - the weather, feeling of freedom, and time to kill with your friends always just blows me away. its surprising - like summer should be. anyways, the point of this post is to announce that i am indeed finished with classes, mikey mike moved in with me, kinsey is graduating in less than two weeks, and i will finally be in the same city with that girl during the summer! that alone is enough to make my summer. speaking of making my summer, its about time to kick the summer off with the traditional reading of East of Eden (three years running). 
in other news, we (some pettits and i) had a wonderful longboarding excursion yesterday evening. we found some choice hills in some ritzy neighborhoods over on the north shore. i bombed a suicidal hill. it was the stupidest thing i have ever done and i would have honestly gone down in flames and broken every bone in my body if me and weasel didnt think quick and he gunned my truck down the hill, passed me, i grabbed on, and he slowed down. he hit 40 trying to pass me. it was retarded. anyways, many pictures were taken and ill be sure to post those asap. also, if you're friends of my old roommates Brian Oakes and Patrick Hall, check out their Europe trip blog. they left today for London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, and Prague (just to name a few). 
now that its summer and im back to having legit adventures ill be posting more often... 
stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am desperately craving a pier jump now. And summer. I still have one week of school left! And then summer school. Does "finished up" mean you are graduating?
Also, Glad you survived- but can't wait to see the pics!