Sunday, November 18, 2007

long time coming

its been over a month since my last post. i figure its high time i did something about that. ive been very busy with school and work, but some things have happened. two weeks ago we had a friend from Nigeria come stay with us for a week and a half. that was good. his name is Gideon, and he is very encouraging and good to have around. its a bit strange, though, because i find myself speaking in a very deliberate way towards him, trying to weed out my American slang that he would find difficult to understand... after speaking like this for a few hours i was talking to everyone like that. Gideon was very encouraging to me and kept telling me how God had great plans in my life. im started to believe him.
in other news, i am very busy at Chatt State. i am taking 16 hours, including Production Art,
Advertising Concepts, Intro to MAC Design, Illustration I, and Ceramics II. the last is modef my favorite. i spend between 6 and 10 hours a week working in the ceramics studio. i absolutely love it. its such a relief for me to make things with my hands after sitting in front of a computer for hours working on building some business card. its not that i dont enjoy my other classes- i really do. i just need to work with my hands. its the way God made me, i guess.
i started working at a company here in chattanooga as an intern- one of four. the company, named Sulzer, is one of the worlds leading producers of huge water pumps used to supply nuclear power plants with water. they build these pumps and supply plants all over north america and a few in central and south america. why am i there? they have 40+ years of paperwork sitting around in boxes and filing cabinets with varying degrees of organization.
it is my job to organize all this paper, get it digitized and archived in multiple places with backups, and set up the finished product to be shredded. its a massive task. there are four of us working total 60+ hours a week (thats all of our hours put together) and we're projecting running into the summer with this. buts, thats good because i get $13/hr, and i get to listen to music and books on tape since it is such mind-numbing work. so, i sit there and download harry potter books (yeah, that right... i finally gave in and now im completely hooked) and shuffle papers for hours at a time. its great. sort of.
finally, Thanksgiving is coming up. i am very pleased with thins for a few reasons. the first is that i have off of school for a little bit. its not much, but every bit helps. the second reason is that ms Kinsey Nicole (thats her-->) has off of school too. its going to be nice to see her. third is food, and fourth is more food. i guess fifth through eighth would be sleeping.
so, theres a post. i hope you're happy, domekia.

heres another pic of the most recent steere family get together. the two non-steeres are (on the left in green) brotherdan's lady Jennifer Daniel. on the right (in green) is my lady, Kinsey Bolinger. well, i tried to put another picture up so it wouldnt look so obvious that i just wanted to post one of kinsey, but i think that it had the opposite effect, since she is now in the same blog post twice. sorry, kin. i couldnt help myself.


Meka said...

'bout time, Dread Boy!!

sienna or kyrie said...

good to hear from you again!

Hey... cave time--- next week.(exams)

be there! --- or it won't be complete.