Thursday, September 20, 2007

king of the scavengers

so a few weeks ago i saw a film with some friends from CovCol. when meeting a few new students, a good friend of mine introduced me as the "king of the scavengers." i thought this title was humorous at best, true at the worst. it turns out that is closer to true than even i realized. after lunch today, Brian and i went to the cocacola bottling plant. we have driven past the plant several times a week for the last few months. we had been talking for weeks about going by, beacuse, in our minds, they should have free cokes on hand. the plan was that we would walk up to the front desk, ask for a free coke, and if denied, we would tell them that pepsi gave out free cokes, in the hopes that they would fork over the goods just to keep two customers.
so, we walked in. there was a reception desk with a coke fridge behind filled with coke products. we walked up to the reception window on the side of the room and asked who we could see about getting some coke. "what for?" the lady asked. "research" i said. she gave us a number of a woman to contact. after she handed us the sticky, i asked her about the cokes in the cooler behind us. "what about those? can we have one?" "sure" she said. "really?" we asked in disbelief. "sure" she repeated. so, we walked behind the desk, opened the fridge, and grabbed a few cokes (in glass bottles... they somehow taste better). we walked out as kings. it made an otherwise borning and somewhat frustrating day one that would stand out in my mind as a victorious day. today i was the king of the scavengers.


Mary Ann said...

all reverence to our king of scavengers.

your story made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

This made me get out of from behind my boring office desk, scrounge through my purse for loose change, and run to the nearest vending machine. Now I am enjoying an ice cold coke. Not as victoriously refreshing as your Coke, but tasty non the less.

kate said...

I enjoy your postings!

josiahq said...

that's good, damn good. I rank with the Jade Algers, Fernando Windemullers, and Joe Stavens of the scavenging world, or, to borrow a title from The Great Escape, "Scroungers".

Joe's biggest find (ahead of an 90 lb dead collie) was a full claw foot bathtub (made for an awesome game of "bobbing for spam" at the first annual Catacombs Hawaian Toga Party).